First Craft Fair- Preparations, Flooding, & More!

It has been a busy summer/fall since the last post, so I’m going to try to catch the blog up to date! I mentioned a while back that I had made the impulsive decision to register for a local street fair, which kicked off an insane month of making as much as possible and trying to get ready for something I had NO experience with. It was actually a really refreshing month because I was able to experiment and try new things and I had a lot of motivation to get stuff DONE! I decided to focus on wood signs and home decor, so I got to bust out the power saw and wood stain and enjoy the warm spring weather working on my back porch!


After a month of working non-stop on signs and building displays for them, we set off early in the morning to set up and see what happened! My husband helped so much and it was so supportive, and it was fun to get the opportunity to show my work in a new environment and meet some other people doing similar things as me. Unfortunately, right as the crowd started to build, the sky decided to open in a total downpour, which led to some lovely flash flooding right into our tent for a couple hours. Some people came back when the rain ended, so it wasn’t a total bust, but it was a bummer! But I got visits from this cute baby so it’s all good. 😍



Jessica Chan