Hey! I’m Laura, this is my family (read: world) and I’m your friendly neighborhood calligrapher. You’ll usually find me chasing toddlers during the day and working at night (with Hulu and chocolate ice cream because duh).

The question I get the most is: how did you get started in calligraphy? The short answer is that it was a hobby turned into a career when I had my kids. (Now skip to the end if you don’t want the long answer) The long answer is that I was slightly obsessive about my handwriting in elementary school, which led to my mom gifting me a calligraphy book in middle school, which (in part) led to me getting into art in high school, which led to me going to college to become an art teacher, which led to me getting a random wedding calligraphy gig through the art department in college, which led to me opening an Etsy shop on the side during my first year of teaching, which led to me leaving teaching to be a wedding calligrapher when I had my first baby. Phew.

Now I’m a mom of two and still loving the road calligraphy has taken me down! I grew to love drawing and painting when I was in art school so I have enjoyed getting to bring that back to the table with custom watercolors and sketches.

In all honesty I am struggling to write this bio and sound like an interesting person but I appreciate you stopping by and I’d love to meet you and chat about any fun projects you might have in mind!

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