Illustration Services

Illustrations can play a variety of roles in your wedding stationery, decor, and memories. When I was planning my wedding in 2013, I was in the middle of my busiest year of college and working two jobs (plus we only had six months to plan!) I had big ideas about what I wanted our wedding invitations to look like but absolutely no time or head space to dedicate to them at the time. Thankfully I have a brother and sister-in-law who are professional artists (I know, lucky right?!) and they came to the rescue and created the most amazing illustrated invitations from scratch that are still so special to me. You might not have artists in your pocket like I did but I’m sure I’m not the only bride who daydreamed of the perfect one-of-a-kind wedding invitation and didn’t know where to start. I could have totally gone to one of the big online stationery giants and clicked “Add to Cart” on a beautiful invitation and called it done, but hours of browsing never turned up one that felt right. Working with my siblings to create a suite that was uniquely ours was an awesome experience and I still look back so fondly on the process and how excited I was about the final product. I want to be that “pocket artist” for you and give you that same experience when we work together. From the idea you bring to the table (even if it’s “I have no idea what I want but I know I want something unique!”) to the final sketches, I hope to help you create something that will always be special to you. The process is simple- tell me your idea, we’ll chat about inspirations and budgets, and then I’ll get to the drawing board! You’ll get to check out the first sketches and give feedback, and from there the final illustration will come to life and ready to put into an invitation, signage, or into a frame! Ready to get this party started?!