Calligraphy Trend Spotlight: Chalkboard Signs

If you spend any time at all on Pinterest, I'm sure you've seen this trend EVERYWHERE. It used to be kind of limited to rustic/country weddings or parties, but now it's pretty much cool in all the places (thanks Joanna Gaines!) Whether it's going to be a cupcake-like fad or here to stay, I really do love the versatility and personality of chalkboard signs and I always get excited when people come to me for them! 

So where to use them? Um, everywhere!!!! Ok maybe in moderation. It's possible to overdo it. Weddings, home decor, parties, kids' rooms, coffee bar menu (if you happen to own one of those), and really anywhere else you can think of! Here are a few I did for a baby shower last spring:


I used chalkboards in a lot of different ways for my own wedding, which was a casual but sweet afternoon wedding at a tree farm. That was before I was into lettering like I am now, so they were simple and just in my regular old handwriting, but I still loved the charm they brought to the day! Bonus: chalkboards erase, so you can totally reuse them as much as you want! I still use most of the ones from my wedding around my house, for decoration, seasonal signs, and for kids to play with. 

One of my favorite things to do on chalkboards are illustrations. Lettering on its own is beautiful and sometimes that is all you need, but adding illustrations takes chalkboards to a whole different place. Some of my favorite lettering artists that I follow on IG or see around have blown me away with their creativity when it comes to chalk art and lettering (check out Stefan Kunz on Insta and you will see what I mean! LOVE) My favorite chalkboard project to date is currently in my dining room and I'm hoping to make many more this spring when I can work outside again! This one got me hooked on making chalk art, it’s so relaxing you guys.


So what do you think about this trend? Yay or nay? Maybe you're like me and love using chalk on EVERYTHING, or maybe not, but I say give it a try! Have fun! 



 Get a printable sign for your baby shower here: Personalized Baby Shower Printable Sign

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