Practice Workbook

Practice Workbook


This is the downloadable version of the workbook I created to use in my pointed pen workshops. Whether you have attended one of my workshops and just want a way to continue practicing at home, or someone who lives too far away to attend a workshop in person, these worksheets will give you plenty of opportunity to practice at your own pace. Included in this book are traceable alphabet worksheets in my signature script style, a warm-up page, blank line sheets, and traceable projects. While created for use with pointed pen, these worksheets work well with brush pens as well.

These worksheets are for personal use ONLY. Copying or reselling these worksheets for commercial use without permission is strictly prohibited. You are welcome to print and use as many copies as you want for your own personal practice and enjoyment.

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Recommended Tools and Materials:

Paper: Hammermill Color Copy Paper 28lb 100brightness (Available at office supply stores)- This paper is heavyweight and very smooth, and works nicely with home printers. This is the paper I print all my workshop booklets on.

Pen- Any pointed pen holder will work, but a good cheap all-purpose option is Speedball’s plastic holders. You can use straight or oblique holders, whatever is more comfortable for you.

Nib- Nikko G nib (available on Amazon or online calligraphy supply stores) Other nibs will work, but the Nikko G is a good, sturdy nib for this style of script

Ink- Yasutomo Black Sumi Ink (available on Amazon and many brick and mortar craft supply or art stores) This is my favorite all-purpose black ink. Feel free to experiment with other inks to find your favorite. Note: I do NOT recommend fountain pen ink for use with pointed pen calligraphy. It sometimes works, but is not ideal for this type of pen in my experience. India inks, sumi inks, and acrylic inks typically work best for pointed pen calligraphy

Brush Pens- If you would prefer to use brush pens with this workbook, try the Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip brush pen or the Pentel Sigh Touch Pen

Nib Cleaner- Good old original Windex